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A True Friend

Acknowledge the true meaning of a true friend.

A true friend...

Will rebuke you when you are following a path of self-destruction.

A true friend...

If you are involving yourself in wrong doing, a true friend! will not accommodate the destructive behaviour.

A true friend...

Will guild you to behave in a beneficial way.

A true friend...

Is patent, thoughtful, and willing to support you during despairing times.

A true friend...

Is excited when you are doing well and will assist your elevation.

A true friend...

Will take your feeling into account and listen when you have something to say.

Moreover, they will not discuss your private business or disrespect you behind your back

Analyse your friends and check to see if they have these signs.

If your friends do not entertain these types of traits, then I advise you to pick up your shoes and quickly escape.

A misguided belief.

Some believe that a good or true friend means those that will support anything you are doing whether it is good or bad.

Be aware!

Those around you will view your friends to define what type of persona you have.

Aiding and abetting.

When an individual’s behavior is corrupt, those who walk with them, are in fact accepting and condoning their ways.


Recognize! Your friends really do symbolize you!

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