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Are you moving forward or a modern-day slave?

So then… let’s examine a modern-day slave! Who are they? Who benefits? And how do the exploiters get paid? Modern-day slaves means anyone who is controlled by the subliminal conditioning within our system, And then lacks the common sense to seek effective techniques to resist them. How do you pay? Without your help, the government industries such as hospitals, doctors, counsellors, social services and the courts’ economic rewards would be derailed, And there would be no one to financially benefit from the staggering profits generated via the jails. There is an enormous amount of money returns involved in these industries and they cannot function without subjects to treat. And it is up to you, whether your behaviour assists your oppressors to embrace top-class living from week to week. Open your eyes! With all these poor services, demands, taxes, rules and regulations, These do not help you! They are in place to empty your pocket and enhance frustration. Consequently, there will be a need for hospitals, rehabs, prisons and the like, And the system receives financial benefits while you lose control of your life. Now, slavery laws ended for the African Caribbean in 1833, (And thereafter in 1938 full emancipation was agreed). But remember it was our ancestor’s actions that sowed the first seed The question is, do you intend to voluntarily live as a symbolic slave or will you set yourself free?

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