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Are You Serious?!

Inspired by Malcolm X

I wrote this poem to encourage the listener to mull over the points raised. I am enthused to encourage others to be mindful that our system is purposely contaminated with false propaganda and subliminal messages. Even Google is controlled by the system, a system that predominantly promotes systematic poor morals, and denial. This does not exclude the truths concerning the black race and history, we are targeted and striped of our true identity. Clearly the system stoop to great lengths to hinder our education and personal progress. Logically then, there is constant fear, confusion and resentment towards the black race.

There are so many great activities and accomplishments in operation within the black communities. Yet for the most part what do we see? constant negative information relating to black people. The system uses the same old platforms, on the news, soap operas, documentaries social media and the like. Nothing about the dept of atrocities against us in the past. No mentioned of our amassing veterans. No mention that we had our own prosperous civilization, intellect, creativity and good moral compass. These facts are rarely disclosed, at best the facts are twisted.

I believe that the truth regarding one's history is of paramount importance to identify the true facts and feel a sense of self-worth; once you are able to identify the true path of your history you then have an opportunity to have self-esteem self-confidence, self-pride and a good moral compass.

It's important to examine the veterans and what they stood for, such as Harriet the catalyst of the underground railroad Tubman and Nanny from the Maroon Tribe in Jamaica. We have icons such as, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm x, and Fredrick Douglas to name but a few. It's important to recognise the vast numbers of inventions that we use today that was designed by people of black African origin. We invented the telephone, the traffic lights, blood plasma bag etc. compare the image below.

Black inventors.

Indeed physical slavery ended long ago, however the experience created a catastrophic impact on the black race, yet black people are expected to entertain the bully boy guilt trip, the 'get over it' concept. This expectation is never relayed to the Jews, indeed there are two set of rules. only the blacks must get over the barbaric treatment, only blacks should not be compensated for centuries of barbaric brutality. Reminders are around us in many forms, several buildings throughout the U.K, including the banks etc, were built on the backs of black African slaves, many were worked to death for these buildings to be completed.


Tell lie vision often speaks about the so called black on black crime etc., as if other races do not have gangs and engage in criminal activity, in reality they are the vast majority, look in the prisons. The system paints a picture to say only black are violent only blacks are untrustworthy and only black have no self-worth, when in fact this represents a small minority. Yes some black youths congregate, so what? Why are they labelled as a gang? As I said only a minute minority are involved in gang activity, many of which are hurt, abused, neglect and angry because their voices are not heard.

More to the point, let us not forget the power of learned behaviour, what do today's youths see? Clearly, the biggest gangs are the system, the police and the political rulers. It should be no supersize that some youths follow the character dictated to them by the system. What's more it is not rock science that the rulers are the biggest immoral thieves, the museums exhibit stolen goods, stolen straight from Africa. Gold, pearls, diamonds and other items of worth have been constantly stripped from African soil and Caucasians used Africans to achieve their goal, working them to death to be able to obtain those items. And what did they do with these riches? They took them away and brought them to their countries and improved it wealth. We have a painful reminder in the museums and on Queen Elizabeth crown. Remaining in arrogance and denial helps them to turn a blind eye to what they have done there greedy and their barbaric poor morals.

In the U.K the rulers do as they please and get away with it because they do not need to take responsibility for what they do. They can do exactly what they want and no penalty because they have poor morals and two sets of rules. Hence it’s fair to say everything that is directed and depicted towards the black Culture is in actual fact something that the black Culture has seen others doing right before their eyes. Indeed the system go to great lengths to ensure that racism, prejudice, discrimination, and low morals are perpetuated into our Society and insinuate that they are blameless.

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