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Benefit Gap

Year 11 finally arrives and all the pupils leave school together-

But consider those who avoided work convincing them-self that they are clever.

unaware that they could easily fall into the magnetic benefit trap,

Ignoring that it is to assist preparation for work and fill financial a gap.

Also, the young girls who get pregnant in order to acquire a flat,

They too can fall deep into the benefits trap.

Because even though the financial pressure is not funny,

Somehow individuals become accustomed to limited money.

And if they happen to have their rent etc paid too,

They will be told how to live and even what to do.

To ensure that they eligible for benefits some will avoid higher paid jobs,

Meanwhile, allowing their full potential to be robbed.

These situations beckon individuals to the systems control,

Please! Don’t fall into that unnecessary dependence mold.

This is not to say benefits should not be used,

The point is there is a price to pay for benefit abuse.

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