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Harriet Tubman and the The Underground Railroad.

ISource: theadviseshow YouTube clip: Harriet Tubman: A real strong black woman.’ And other Harriet Tubman biography clips on YouTube. Harriet Tubman originally known as Harriet Ross was a black woman with remarkable strength, Who had a burning desire to assist her oppressed people, a desire she addressed to outstanding lengths. Harriet was born on a enslave plantation around 1822, her sibling amounted to nine- And Harriet was in the middle, she came fifth in line. As a child she was loaned out to various plantations. When she was around 12 she suffered the consequences of a enslaved master's vexation She was injured when a metal spade was hurled at another slave in spite This lead to headaches, seizures and sleeping spells for the rest of her life However, after the accident, Harriet began to have strange dreams and visions, These further inspired her mission to free her people who were exploited and imprisoned. Harriet decided she wasn’t going to be enslaved anymore. Having heard about the underground railway, She made the necessary plans for her to getaway. Harriet escaped slavery, she travelled by night, Using the North Star with instructions from helpers both blacks and whites. Meanwhile, she discovered that slavery was no supported by many whites, And they were doing all that they could to help the runaway enslaved and their plight. Thereafter, Harriet helped members of her family and friends to freedom via the underground railway, She never lost a passenger and she was never successfully betrayed. But in 1850 there was a devastating blow at bay and another trap was laid, There was a fugitive slave act and as a result many slaved feared for their lives. And desperately wanted to escape to Canada to reside, Harriet kept up the spirits of the runaway enslaved knowing that she couldn't afford fear hinder them. Because if the slave returned they would be forced to reveal information about the underground railway and the escape route would end. Both black and white abolitionists gave her money to support her as she did her job. Nothing stopped her fighting determination, not fear, suffering, pain, rain, shine, nor fog. She contributed to the union army during the civil war, She led a raid behind enemy lines with 16 soldiers conveying no flaws. Destroying the federated army and the most important ammunition depo- And returned to the northern side of the fighting with all her soldiers aglow. she nursed the wounds of the black soldiers with professional capability, became a secret spy on the union's activities. And she destroyed the enemy's stocks and food facilities. Records say that an estimated 100,000 enslaved escaped the chains of slavery- And no doubt a portion of these were helped in some way or other by this magnificent and wondrous lady. Harriet had a reward hanging over her head, the enslaved controller were desperate for her to be found, In fact they used Mr. Andrew Coleman the best detective in the country at the time, as their hound. Thereafter, she dedicated the balance of her life women suffragette movement, And to the poor and aged of all colours, her life was dedicated to communal improvement. After she helped deliberate the enslaves she continued to be an activist and humanitarian, Please feel free to compare the above information on the net or through your librarian. Harriet died at the ripe old age of 91 on March 10th, 1913 in Holborn New York, And was honoured with a medallion for services rendered to humankind by the royal throne of England for her relentless support.

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