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Beware of Haters.

What kind of person is a hater?

Those who are like talking newspapers.

Those who refuse to see the era of their ways,

Those who always have negative things to say.

Those who refuse to lend support without a valid reason,

Those who will see someone with a misfortune and it will please them.

Those who can’t stand to see another looking nice,

Those who enjoy seeing the consequences of their misguided advice.

Those who say unnecessary spiteful remarks,

Those who enjoy tearing good friendships apart.

Those who have the attitude, the world must only elevate me-

Those know something is good but refuses to agree.

Those who behave like horrid bad bread brats,

Those who have no compassion, little morals and even less tact.

Those who treat others like they are annoying pests-

Regardless of how hard the person tries to impress.

Those who tell lies and steal other people’s things,

Those are the levels of character haters tend to bring.

Imagine, they continuously create mayhem and strife,

And somehow, they still manage to sleep well at night.

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