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How Do You View The Police?


The general public complains about the police, true they are not perfect,

But remember they are humane like you and I, so their stress levels will also surface.

They too have family, bills, and the usual taxing life concerns,

This factual reality I have come to discern.

Enforcing the law, is a police officer’s obligation and duty,

To safeguard community protection, tranquility and beauty.

However, bear in mind that while officers are conforming to their job,

They are constantly faced with hostility from lawless mobs.

Consider if a person is hostile towards you, it is almost natural to respond in the same way,

Yet, as officers carry out their duties they receive negativity, EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY.

So then, those who are fed up of hearing the same old speech,

Please don’t conduct yourself in a manner that will attract the police.

Avoid associating with drug addicts, mobs or known thieves,

In fact avoid anyone who carries a negative heat.

Although you feel contempt for being stopped for no apparent reason time after time,

Remember each police officer has individual values, not all have egotistical minds.

Recognize that the police are free to exercise a different set of rules-

And they have been given full permission to make use of various tools.

Think about the possible positive or negative consequences before you-

And the type of establishment that you are dealing with too.

After all, they are the ones that are assigned with the powers,

To arrest you and lock you up without charge for several hours!

I am not implying that you are obligated to view the police as friends-

But! Be open-minded! On your life or defense their presence may depend.

Please don’t be the type to support turbulence when addressing the law,

Moreover, when speaking to the police protect your freedom! Close the hostility door!

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