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Kettle Calling Pot black?

The genetic colour that we have is only skin deep -

All of us eat, sleep, have emotions and weep.

Our bodies survive with the same group of blood,

And equal we are to our creator up above.

When I was a child I was forced to perceive,

The ignorance of the small minded and where it could lead.

We moved to an area where residents were predominantly white,

And finding a good friend was a pretty challenging plight.

Even at my school, whites were treated different from blacks;

Some unprofessional minded teachers purposely but subtly held us back.

However, on the same token I received support and love from others too;

Their kindness assisted me to remain positive and shrewd.

We are in the twentieth century, yet nothing much has changed -

Like senseless robots, society continues to be racist and deranged.

How can one truly say civilisation has progressed

While individuals still discriminate a person for their colour and nothing less?

Racism is not just white against black.

Our own race needs to accept some of the flack.

Many have encountered our racist behaviour and remarks,

Yet some seem to be in denial and keep that reality in the dark.

Understandably we are one of the most judgmental people I know -

Alas, even within our own race, all too frequent it shows.

Some relentlessly express that they are so hard done by,

But as soon as they prosper they become deaf to friends’ outcries.

On the same token, if you’re in a useful rank and others you wish to help,

In some instances the unfortunate consequences are likely to be felt.

Why do you think some suffer and yet don't change their ways?

They want the world but don’t recognize the obligation that must be paid.

In this system even some of our own are our worst rivals,

Spitefully hindering progress and peaceful survival.

As a race all too often we segregate, but all other ethnic groups,

Predominantly work together, a successful root which I solute.

I believe that is where we continue to go wrong -

We must learn to integrate within our culture or we’ll never be strong.

As for me, this is my personal opinion I can’t speak for the rest -

But I will befriend anyone who’s heart is God blessed.

In life there are too many difficult issues to address,

And quite frankly racism is a destructive, draining, unnecessary quest.

I am not saying that I view everyone as my best mate,

But it takes so much negative energy to entertain hate.

I try not to prejudge individuals that I don’t know,

I like to give them the opportunity to let their attributes glow.

Now, if or when I find our personas don’t get along,

I simply take heed, use my common sense and move on.

Racism is another deliberate, man-made, negative trap;

Even when the person feels bad, they are forced to keep up the act.

It also can exhibit a sheep-like arrogance and vulnerable fear within -

This holds them captive and will not allow maturity or common sense to set in.

In my experience, I can say with confidence and without hesitation,

That there is goodness to be found within each and every nation.

Getting on with people takes effort and persistence,

But I don’t increase the weight just because the individual looks different.

Indeed each and every race exhibits particular traits and culture that's true,

But it does not guarantee the type of mentality that an individual will pursue.

It's unethical to stereotype an entire race or even a person,

Or without cause use their ancestry as a weapon to curse them.

We have no control over what evil folk have previously done,

So why should a noble person be expected to suffer the plunge?

Nothing ever comes from discriminatory negative thinking or chat.

As for racism, why? What personal benefit will come from that?

Biblical scriptures testify that we all originate from Adam and Eve -

For example, look in (Genesis, Chap. 1, v. 28,) it’s clear to see.

This indicates that regardless of our gene pool all that your eyes can view

Is an extension, to which like it or not we are all related too.

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