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The Life of Malcolm X

Inspired by YouTube footage.

I remember hearing about a man called Malcolm X when I was a young lady,

But I also remember that the information I received was confusing and shady.

This inspired me to investigate if the knowledge I acquired was false or true,

And now I am sharing the information that I gathered with you.

The great, outstanding and powerful Malcolm X was born on May 19th, 1925,

In Omaha, Nebraska, where black people’s equal rights were denied.

Malcolm’s mother was a West Indian from an island called Grenada.

His father was a militant Baptist and his support towards the Marcus Garvey movement, no one could waver,

Marcus was a man who preached for race pride and compromising with racist whites he did not favour.

Malcolm X was the fourth of eight children of the Reverend Earl Little and his wife, Louise -

And although the family endured racial hatred the strength of Malcolm’s father kept their stability at ease.

In fact in 1920 the family House was firebombed, Malcolm’s father powerful messages correlating to civil rights was an offset

It is to be noted that deep-rooted fear and resentment arose due to the mighty inspirations earl’s messages used to project

Malcolm’s parents were highly intelligent, political and a forceful team,

And they keep the reality of Black Nationalism and politics agleam.

Malcolm’s mother taught Malcolm and his siblings how to speak French -

Also they were schooled in the Garveyism and taught why the philosophy made sense.

Then in 1931 Malcolm’s father was killed by the KKK, he was found on a car track, a trolley had almost cut him in half.

Thereafter Malcolm’s mother couldn’t find work and for 7 years they encountered a distressing path.

Malcolm states, ‘we were so hungry we were dizzy and we stole to stay alive, ‘

Meanwhile their house was firebombed, it was too much for Malcolm’s mother and she was institutionalized.

Thereafter Malcolm and his siblings were neglected and left to struggle on their own;

The state separated them and thereafter they lived in reform schools, charities and a number of homes.

Malcolm clarified to his teacher that he wanted to become a lawyer; evidentially he was a first-class student with vigour,

Alas, I can relate to the consequential damage when his teacher explained that is his goal was unrealistic because he was a Niger.

With such turbulence in his life at this time, he had no spiritual commitment,

As a young man Malcolm himself confirms that he was a delinquent.

Stating that, all that the white criminal police left over for the black criminals, he was into,

Numbers, bootleg liquor, hot goods, women, dope’ and he was a pimp too.

He quotes, ‘I sold the bodies of black women to white men and white women to black men.’

Malcolm said that his best customers were always officials, top police, clergymen, and businessmen.

In 1946 Malcolm was arrested and charged for armed burglary, he was imprisoned for 6 years.

In time Malcolm little disappeared and a new impressive Malcolm X appeared.

He discovered Islam and soon after he experienced a spiritual and moral transformation,

What happened next? Malcolm left prison in 1952 and joined the Black Muslim movement without hesitation.

As Malcolm X’s powerful influence took effect he swiftly expanded the Black Muslim movement,

And he continued his quest to encourage the need to unite and fight for black human rights improvement.

His teacher at the time was Elijah Muhammad. However, after a period there was turbulence between them,

As Malcolm discovered that Elijah was seducing young females, some bore his children and this is not a spiritual trend,

Inevitably, from that time on Malcolm could not view Elijah in a modest or tolerable manner again.

Thereafter neither regarded the other as a spiritual brother, therefore animosity began to transcend.

Malcolm still remained in the Muslim faith and in 1964 he made the pilgrimage to Mecca after which he publicly declared his point of view,

That there is good within ALL races and this concept Elijah and his Black Muslim movement did not pursue.

Malcolm said that irrespective of outwards appearances it is the person’s spirit that determines whether a person is good or bad.

Thereafter once again Malcolm’s house was set on fire; he and his family managed to escape but he lost everything he had.

According to Malcolm’s account, Elijah was furious about his declarations and ordered him to be assassinated;

And of course, the government efforts to address the illegal turmoil was procrastinated

Malcolm continued to give public talks and made it clear that Elijah Muhammad was trying to take his life;

Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21 1965, and many followers felt that their future hopes were swiped.

So then, what kind of message did Malcolm X and his followers teach?

And, what effect did he have on those who heard him speak?

Life back then for black people in America was NO JOKE!

Malcolm X words strengthened members of the black culture, although some were provoked.

Malcolm encouraged blacks to come off the benefits system, work for themselves and accept personal responsibility;

He also spoke about the need to recognise who you are and the many examples of black culture’s intelligibility;

About how re-education is required for progress, to have a self-help program you need a self-help philosophy,

A do for yourself a do right now it’s already too late,’ stop relying on your enemy’s hypocrisy.

He pointed out that if one believes that their personal restrictions are based solely on their features and the colour of their skin,

The person would feel imprisoned, trained or trapped and they will remain in the in the same none productive position within.

Malcolm quotes, ‘if our colour makes us feel inferior, it makes us feel inadequate, it makes us feel like helpless prey,

When we fall victim to this feeling of inadequacy, inferiority or helplessness we will turn to someone else to show us the way.’

Malcolm stated, ‘To address serious things like our food, clothing, shelter and our education we turned to the mare,

We never thought in terms of bringing these types of things into existence for ourselves.’ We left ourselves vulnerably bare.

Malcolm X increased the Muslim movement from 500- 30,000 before he was brutally attacked and died.

His name is used in rap music and poetry as a symbol of black pride; This honour he has earned with flying colours, a fact that cannot be denied.

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I agree with this statement excerpt from the Wikipedia on Answers.com:

Malcolm X Malcolm X has been described as one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history.[231][232][233] He is credited with raising the self-esteem of black Americans and reconnecting them with their African heritage.[234] He is largely responsible for the spread of Islam in the black community in the United States.[235][236][237] Many African Americans, especially those who lived in cities in the Northern and Western United States, felt that Malcolm X articulated their complaints concerning inequality better than the mainstream civil rights movement did.

Malcolm X deeply inspired me to recognise the importance of speaking out without fear with the intention to educate others, to recognise the value of personal heritage, to encourage productive progress, to press for equal human rights and promote dignified morals for all regardless of races.

Your values will guide the direction of your life

Your values will determine your view towards the world

Your values will govern how you address others

Your values represent your morals, it represents you

Recognise the importance of good values

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