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Mental Health

First I’d like to just clarify that I am not an expert on scientific mental health as such. But I have experienced mental health problems in the past and I was a clinical guinea-pig for over 15 years. Having stabilized my mental state myself, I’d like to share my findings and the tools that I used to overcome my own mental health challenges.

It is important to examine the power of your own mind and the powerful impact when a person’s mind is self-destructively programmed. For example, it is misleading and dangerous to conclude that mental disorders can be justified solely by a low chemical imbalance in the brain or a biological connection- called Serotonin (a genetically related connection). Serotonin regulates memory, emotion, wakefulness, sleep and temperature regulation or noradrenalin this regulates a hormone, secreted by the adrenal gland and similar to adrenaline, this is the principal neurotransmitter of sympathetic nerve endings supplying the major organs and skin. It increases blood pressure and rate and depth of breathing, raises the level of blood sugar, and decreases the activity of the intestines.

According to several psychiatrists including Joanne Moncrieff a senior and social community psychiatrist at the university college of London and Jonathan Leo PHD a professor of neuron anatomy in Florida, there are no such tests that exist to give weight to the motion of chemical imbalances or biological connections relating to mental health. So no test no proof (Although some people do pick up damaging learned behaviour)

I also agree with Dr Colin Ross an author and practicing Psychiatrist in Texas who says that

Pharmacies make millions from various drugs that allegedly combat mental health problems. (Medication that can cause serious side effect during and after use too)

It is a dangerous misconception to say to a person ‘It’s not your fault’ because the person may conclude that they need not take responsibility for their poor perceptions and actions.’

There are also misconceptions and stigmas connected to mental health, it is a taboo subject, yet we see examples within our families’ friends and in the general public. There is a delusion connected to mental health that depicts wild individuals locked up in an intuition rocking with a straight jacket on.

Here are the facts, some people might require a little rest bit assistance for a while and may reside in a care institution for a short period. But it’s important to recognize that many individuals that have been institutionalized are very intellectual and somewhat sensitive towards issues. And as such they are more likely to look much deeper into situations than most, in these cases (ignorance really is bliss.)

Depression and mental health

On my opinion the media houses, the government, the music industry, the food industry, the scientific community, subliminal programming, previous negative experiences, broken emotions, poor learned behaviour, and miss guided knowledge are factors that can have a significant negative impact on our mental health and or trigger depression.

Subliminal programming: There is always a mass subliminal frequency programming and it affects the way we think. Consequently, if one does not think for themselves or possess the insight to think OUTSIDE THE BOX so to speak, they may well become depressed and get caught up in the stereotypical programmed values or should I say, the self-destructive character that we are EXPECTED to operate and entertain. And This is imposed upon us through the Media houses… such as, social media, the News reports, Soap operas, Films, Education, Comedy and most certainly Music. So the system SEDUCES our social order and thinking by feeding THEIR RULES AND IDEOLOGIES into your mind! But only if you let it, only if you don’t train yourself otherwise.

Poor Learned Behaviour: An individual's observance of negative behaviour and the negative/none productive problem-solving tools embraced by others in their life. The individual then mimics the behaviour. However, be assured this predicament is not a destined lifelong trap, many have reprogrammed their thinking and behaviour.

Personal Experiences: Such as encountering traumatic trials, death, family breakdown, physical and emotional abuse, such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, rape, exploitation. Therapy such as counselling or personal growth programmes are very effective to overcome these types of traumas.

Poor Awareness: Such as the danger of lacking knowledge and or poor perceptions towards people and life. Life coach courses are useful to improve knowledge and poor perception.

Poor Environment: Such as, poor finances, dysfunctional home or school/work environments. Self-assessment with professional assistance may assist a drive to make lifestyle changes.

Sleep Deprivation and Lack of Exercise: This is self-explanatory. A lack of sleep enhances the potential of stress and/or depression, A lack of exercise supports weight gain and poor health.

A Poor Nutrition Diet: Comfort eating or depriving your body of food.

Most people who comfort eat do so because they are seeking a sense of contentment, but of course, this is just a false sense of security. And a poor diet can affect you both mentally and physically, (anorexia and bulimia) and it’s also a sign that the individual has a lack of self-interest and or they are demonstrating a desperate subconscious cry out for help.

Side point: According to Dr Colin Ross, Vitamin D accessible from the sunlight controls and regulates about 900 genes or more in your body including your mental health.

Remember, you’re human so you can’t be 100% a 100% of time. Stress will rare its head so recognize how to address it when it transpires. The essential thing is to recognize the signs that trigger your stress and clear out the closet so to speak. Research effective methods to maintain positive thinking (such as cognitive therapy.) Recognize and assess your personal responsibility concerning the choices you make and the actions you take e.g. Procrastination (constantly putting off important matters or a lack of self-interest) Self-denial (burying your head in the sand, refusing to or unable to face the facts before you.) Poor company (being in the company of individuals that generally entertain a negative perception.) Defiance (a self-destructive attitude, not abiding by the law of the land) Self-destructive behaviour (in terms of gambling with your life, your safety, your freedom, over indulgences, things like selling and taking drugs, etc.

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