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Message: Recognize!


To: Joe Blogs.

From: Rare Diamond.

Date: Right now!

Re: Self-Elevation Manual.

Self-elevation cannot be achieved without meaningful effort, this is a fact!

In order to succeed you must remain focused to stay on track.

Recognize the importance that you may need to change the way you lead your life;

Recognize what you are doing and the consequential strife;

Recognized the importance of reading spiritual material each and every day;

Recognize that you must operate in a respectful way;

Recognize that temporary failures are not an excuse to accept defeat;

Recognize that you must set positive goals each and every week;

Recognize that negative thoughts generate negative thinking;

Recognize the importance of sufficient sleep, healthy eating and drinking;

Recognize that if you are tempted, you must remain strong;

Have the back bone to accept and admit when you are wrong;

Recognize that when a person is being disrespectful, it causes pain;

And recognise it is not a justification to behave the same;

Recognize that sometimes you will be required to weather mental strains;

Recognize submission can be uncomfortable and sometimes feel strange;

Recognize that, to begin with, some requirements may have no attraction;

Recognize that your efforts and sacrifices might not bring immediate action.

Joe, be assured, if you abide by these rules without hesitation,

They will strengthen and assist you during your self-elevation.

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