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Daddyless Daughters is a community production company providing teenage girls and women with a platform to creatively express themselves. Daddyless Daughters aspires to prevent young girls and women from falling into the cracks of the system by accepting their past but taking charge of their future. Our goal is to educate and empower Daddyless Daughters through creative expression and encouraging a lifestyle of self-discovery.

We are passionate about freedom of expression no matter how uncomfortable it makes our audience feel. We believe by sparking uncomfortable conversations with our creativity, we can remove stigmas and challenge narratives leaving a trail of positive imprints in the world by:

· Using podcasts, short documentaries, book publishing, blogs and music to enable creative expression and venting as part of therapeutic framework.

· Daddyless Daughters will be offering self-defence classes and group therapy sessions.

· Hosting a range of fundraising events to push the funds back into the communities as well as enabling us to create a safe haven for the healing process to continue.

· Selling merchandise driven by our cause for men, women and children.

· Collaborating with services and communities such as schools, mental health services, youth projects and many more!

Our team here at Daddyless daughters not only work on trying to fill the gap in services to enable change and removal of the stigma that comes with being a Daddyless Daughter but come from a place that resonates with our cause with the founder Aliyah Ali having previous experience working closely with camhs , Catch 22, The prison reform, NHS, Rainmakers worldwide and Women in prison.

What are we looking for?

Here at Daddyless Daughters we are currently scouting for the following:

· Females (various ages) from fatherless backgrounds with a story to tell

· Therapists and life coaches to aid us in carrying out our therapeutic framework working with females coming from fatherless backgrounds covering childhood trauma and abuse, substance abuse, domestic abuse, grooming and exploitation.

If you are interested in telling your story or working with us please email: Admin@daddylessdaughters.co.uk

Also keep up to date with blogs and events via our website: https://www.daddylessdaughters.co.uk/

Instagram: @ daddyless_daughters

Check out Daddyless Daughters the podcast: https://www.daddylessdaughters.co.uk/podcast

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