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Why Slavery Exists

Slavery transpired due to individuals that supported and promoted greed, self-regard and cruelty. In relation to barbaric treatment in the slave trade, African males and females experienced the worse. These remarkable indigenous people were deemed lower than animals and regarded as property. This permitted the slave owners and their household members to be inhumane and remarkably narcissistic.

Africans were kidnapped and forced into slavery. They were exploited to take on the task of growing crops etc on their oppressors plantations and farms.

The persons enslaved were also exploited in their oppressor's homes. The female white householders lacked the ability to manage a number of feminine skills, simple tasks, such as cooking, washing, cleaning, sewing, and childcare. In most cases women didn't even beast feed their babies that job was also forced onto female slaves.

Men were affected too, they were unable to take on a man’s workload, understand the productive industry, how to develop and manage crops etc. Skills were limited in terms of self-reliance and self-help. Their true masculinity was in disrepair.

According to Booker T Washington’s account in his book ‘Rising up from Slavery’ Neither the men or women knew how to cope under real pressure. They only focused on authority and leisure!

Imagine having no sense of self-sufficiency for the sake of idleness and self-centered beneficiary!

You can examine Booker T's viewpoint in greater detail by means of my poem about him on this website.

These days, many men and women after realizing the horrific treatment carried out by their ancestors feel a sense of remorse and guilt concerning the barbaric methods used to control human beings during the slavery period.

Inspired by YouTube ‘Wonders from the documentary about African World- Episode 3-4- The Slave Kingdom and the Holy Land’.

Slave castles kept 150-200 men, women and children in inhuman conditions for approximately 3 months, dungeons were packed to the brim.

Thereafter the enslaved were transported to slave ships, in complete oblivion of the forthcoming demands. Most men women and children’s human rights were denied. In these evil and vicious conditions MILLIONS died of starvation, diseases, depression, and suicide.

Before slavery the African culture was by no means backward as suggested, but came from civilized well establish, intellectual societies, many were flamboyantly dressed.

Mansa Musa, the 14th-century century ruler of Mali

Kingdom of Mali North Africa (13thcentury to 15thcentury)

In relation to Africans it essential to comprehend the concealment of history that is not based in slavery but a history based in royalty. Human civilisation started in Africa. Some of the first architected systems, governmental architects and some the first engineer systems came from the black race.

After visiting Egypt, White scholar Count Constantin Devono said, 'just think the race of black men today our slave an object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our art sciences and even the use of speech.' I was supersized to discover that Africans were not the only race that was subjected to slavery in the post, although historical records confirm that they were the most resilient to whether the physical and emotional abuse, hence they were well sort after. Indeed slavery was predominantly the result of the love of money.

Slaves of Kattia war

South Asian slave labour

Whites were enslaved too, including the Irish, Scots and English

The Arawak were the former enslaves in Jamaica before the African's were transported over.

The records say that Christopher Columbus and his followers polluted the land with disease and brutally slaughtered 90% of the Arawak people during the slavery period. The remainder Arawak, their oppressors worked most to death.

This is a comment made by a YouTube user, he quotes, 'Everyone was a slave at one point... but we only get taught about African slavery to keep racism going.'

To some extent I disagree. If the full measure in relation to the facts and atrocities that took place during slavery was discussed and not purposely concealed from the general public minds, I'm sure racism would vastly reduce. Yes indeed all races have endured slavery but the treatment towards the African slaves was exceptionally barbaric and the emotional impact was catastrophic. Although the African enslaved courageously fought for their freedom, time! After time! It took centuries for them to establish an effective strategy to be released from their chains of bondage. Thereafter alas a more sinister form of slavery emerged and still remains today.

So who benefits from slavery? This issue is debated up till now. Consequently I have compiled a poem to examine the facts from my perspective.

Who is to blame?

Inspired by YouTube ‘Wonders from the African World- Episode 3-4- The Slave Kingdom and the Holy Land’.

I am a black woman who is a descendant of the Jamaica slave trade,

And I am so proud to come from a line of people who were so resilient and brave.

Before my personal research, I was taught to believe that:

1. Slavery was solely instigated and controlled by the whites.

2. My ancestors were too ignorant and depressed to put up a worthy fight.

3. The black enslaved were almost like animals: primitive, unrefined!

4. Enslave masters taught my ancestors how to become law-abiding and civilly inclined.

5. The enslaves sang as they were out in the scorching sun picking cotton.

6. They were singing under such suppression! Even though they were treated so rotten!

But I couldn’t get my head around these reports so I decided to carry out an investigation to examine the truth:

Was the authenticity of my teachers’ information genuine or morally loose?

Now I have completed my research I know that:

Slavery was controlled by Europeans but allegedly supported by a number of black African kings too.

Apparently enemies were captured and sold to slave traders for jewels and a gun or two.

Kumasi, capital of Ashanti, was said to be heavily involved and magnified due to the slave trade.

Elmina was an area that also benefited financially from the selling of those enslaves.

It is claimed that some African kings permitted Europeans to build and then paid rent for slave castles to store captured folk.

When I saw the castles, I kept asking myself is this some sort of sick joke?!

Enslave castles kept 150-200 women in inhuman conditions for approximately 3 months - their dungeons were packed to the brim.

Thereafter they were transported to enslave ships, in complete oblivion of the forthcoming things.

Section of the female slave dungeon, cape coast Castle.

Section of the male slave dungeon, cape coast Castle.

I assumed that the barbaric treatment of my people began on the slave ships,

But according Europeans claim that the African kings were also involved too, regardless the perpetrators greed was the grip.

Apparently Osei Tutu II, declared, "If I fail to continue the exploits of my ancestors and fail in my duty,

I contravene the Great Oath of Asante" - if true at best, that type of mentality is evil and spooky.

Europeans claim that greed and power drove our nation to actually sell our own fellow man,

I question the reason why we as black people have been so persecuted on this land.

Imagine even back then they used the same psychology to blame others for people's persecution delivered by their clan.

Our people say, the slave trader held the Africans family captive to force the inhabitants hand,

Using the same atrocities and genocide as they did with the Jews on their own land.

What was their method? Murder, lies and deception this was the Europeans main game,

Their alleged observation of a people that were primitive untamed,

Justified what they did it to the Jews and the Jamaicans were treated the same.

My Jamaican ancestors were not ignorant. Rather they were permanently exhausted and oppressed;

They were indigenous, from civilized, intellectual society and were flamboyantly dressed.

They were not cowards but courageously fought and escaped to attain freedom time after time after time!

Mindful that if they were caught, the consequential lashes embedded permanent lines.

Options were non-existent; even if you did run away there was a high chance that you’d die of starvation.

What’s more in the hot sun you’d stand a high risk of collapsing with exhaustion from dehydration.

Bear in mind, even if slaves escaped, think about it, where could they go?

It’s not to say they had access to money, food or a person with a secret house that they'd know.

There was no territory that permitted black slaves the privileged to walk around free;

The only sensible, safe option they had was to use their intellect and plan ahead, would you not agree?

And their perseverance paid off, after several violent rebellions conducted by the slaves -

Slave masters were losing too much, so eventually, a law to give black people their freedom was indeed made.

What about slaves singing while under duress? Well, singing was used for many purposes, including,

To shoulder stress, options were painfully limited to withstand such abusing,

Singing stories was also a clever guidance code-book that slaves were using.

It was also used to educate the slaves as they were not permitted to read.

So no! Slaves were not singing while picking cotton simply because they were carefree or pleased!!

Slaves were not permitted to have discussions among themselves so they adapted another art, -

Not just singing, but by means of what was then termed the "grape-vine" telegraph.

In conclusion, I say the overwhelming array of evidence is more than enough,

To confirm that the black race are survival warriors, highly intelligent and incredibly tough!

My ancestral brothers in America used a tool called the underground railroad, too.

For reference the purpose of The underground railroad has been written on this blog for all to view.

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Some of the greatest slave rebellions (Source: YouTube )

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