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The Willy Lynch Syndrome!

Inspired by modern-day society.

If the name Willy Lynch is new to you I really urge you to look this up on the net,

You will be astounded as you observe the information you’ll get.

Records explain how a enslave master conjured up an evil plan,

To suppress and control the enslaved for himself and his fellow man.

An operation code of doing things so that enslave owners could be assured,

That their work would be done if they were to follow this new law -

And they need not damage or destroy their livestock and means of income anymore.

The enslaved were upgraded or degraded according to their makeup and gender,

Differences such as age, color, hair type, shape and intelligence could be a hindrance or splendor.

The order suggested that the young black males must be in conflict with the older black males,

Darker-skinned males must be in conflict with lighter-skinned males.

Those with lighter skin shades and fine hair, had all the ‘better jobs’ available to them-

And women were forced to do work that was designed for men.

The rules also included: females against males and males against females.

The intended roles for men and women were reversed, naturally, confusion & disgrace prevailed.

The Willy Lynch letter made it clear that the power of distrust is stronger than trust,

That envy is stronger than adulation, respect and admiration.

Therefore blacks were coerced to distrust one and another and suffered trepidation.

Strong men were forced to rape all the strong women to breed strong-boned babies,

This destroyed families and robbed females of the freedom to feel like respected ladies.

However! It was necessary for blacks to believe that they must trust and depend on the whites to survive.

And my word, it is evident that these regulations were applied -

This systematic psychology was used to crush and dominate, while generating jealousy and disarray -

Look around! There is no question; similar concepts are present within the black culture today.

Even now, we have sisters fighting against sisters, brother against brothers -

And challenging relationships within families, marriage or even lovers

How do you visualize the way forward to recover?

It doesn’t matter whether the Willy Lynch letter is false or true,

It is the destructive theory behind it that I am sharing with you.

There are certain concepts that we entertain although our heads are sound,

We must recognize these traits in order to make an effort to turn them around -

And rid some of the problems that exist within our culture today -

Because these attitudes help degenerate our progress and cause disarray.

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Reality check the Willy Lynch method did not originate with him; he merely incorporated former oppressive techniques and adapted them.

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