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T-SHIRTS ME Crazy! A Print On Demand E-Commerce Store.

T-shirts me crazy is a print on demand e-commerce store. The store was founded by myself and my children calling themselves Young Hustle who in the global lockdown needed to find a solution of how to still earn an income whilst been forbidden to physically go out a earn an income themselves. The family unit consist of myself being the mother of the household, my husband representing the father figure and 5 children the oldest being 29yrs old and the youngest only 10yrs old. You then have 17yrs, 20yrs and 26yrs old in-between. Before the lockdown everyone carried out the daily duties going to work making an income or going to a place of education including myself which did both working part-time and going to University full-time.

In January/February 2020. The Corona Virus that first broke out in China in late 2019 was now endangering lives all over the world. It was for the government officials across the globe to jump into action of how they could minimise the threat of the spread. As a result of UK government implemented laws for 2 metre social distancing and only essential workers to go to work. Then in March 2020. Government called a state of emergency and for all non-essential businesses to close doors and cease trading until further notice.

So how did the global pandemic affect me and my household? Well I was the only one able to work from home, whilst the rest either loss their jobs or made furloughed and my husband being the owner of a Barber shop had to close business completely.


Like many people who lost their jobs of were being made furloughed during a global pandemic made many start to reflect on finding out ways and means to a solution of being in a lockdown and not being able to bring home a proper income or any income at all. Well this was the exact situation that I and my family was facing. We had to work out a solution were we could still be making money whilst in a pandemic lockdown or should this ever happen occur again. Especially that senior medical professionals predict that a second spike is possible.

Weeks into the lockdown myself and the children gathered together to brain storm ideas of things we could do to continue to make money whilst waiting for the lockdown to ease and normality to resume. The truth is that after a pandemic such like this, normality may never resume and life may never be the same again. We explored many platforms including YouTube, Podcast, selling hair products and such alike. We, finally made a collective decision to create an online print on demand T-shirts store. The children all designed their own t-shirts and put them together in collaboration and that’s is how T-shirts me Crazy began.

T-shirts me Crazy is an all-Black production called the Young Hustle. On this site your will be able to find an array of inspirational T-shirts for all the family to enjoy. You can view our website and even purchase at Tshirtsmecrazy.com. Tshirtsmecrazy.com will be looking to expand the products to Tote bags, Hats and Mugs. Please feel free to leave your views and comments in the comments box on the website or send a email through the website channel. Your support is well appreciated even if you do not purchase an item right now please help me share this information to others and don’t forget support our Black businesses. Thank you for your time.

Tshirtsmecrazy.com / Young Hustle.

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