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The Black Panthers

Inspired by, YouTube footage.

If you still follow the misleading myth that the Black Panthers were similar to the KKK, how so?

Are you fully aware of the type of activity the two organisations had aglow?

The KKK and Clarence Kelley- the director of the FBI who is deceased,

Joined ranks with the police and media to attack the Black Panthers like wild beasts,

Claiming that the Black Panthers were running around killing white people and police.

When in fact the Black panthers were simply making a stand against the lack of human rights and for it to cease-

And encouraged their followers to read books and research their own history piece by piece.

The KKK began in 1865 with leading aristocrats, bankers, and the so-called upper class;

In contrast the black panthers (formed in 1966) were the working class and interest was building fast.

In this era, it became evident that poor whites and blacks had joined forces-

However the American government was not comfortable to endorse this.

As a matter of fact, since 1661- 2000 America implemented laws against interracial wedlock,

To institutionalize racism and ensure that union of races were legally blocked -

The American authorities also sanctioned the behaviour of the sadistic racists, the KKK,

So then what type of characteristics would you say the American government displayed?

The KKK hierarchy are protected and well-kept but they are not permitted to leave the organisation,

They are a secret society, new members must be sworn in first, before they can receive authentication,

Their philosophy is to kill blacks and stir up racial hatred so the working class remains separated,

Meanwhile the Black Panthers encouraged knowledge through reading books - truly many were elevated.

The KKK is one of the worst homegrown organisations that the USA has ever produced;

This sadistic terrorist group took many lives, and their organisation is committed to inhumane abuse.

What was the intention of the Black Panthers?

And what did they use as their anchors?

The intention of the Black Panthers was never to separate the community,

But to bring about positive changes for black and encourage ingenuity.

While the majority of whites began to support the need to create positive change for blacks,

The federal government of America, the KKK and the media’s strike against the black community were fast-tracked

Why? To manipulate the minds of the mass (divide and rule) and spread race unity setbacks

In fact in 1968, the federal government targeted the black panthers and carried out a massive discriminating terrorist attack.

Consider the plain facts; the Black Panthers by no means supported anything that created negative frustrations -

They were merely involved in activity such as free breakfast projects, churches classes and improving education;

Yet somehow towards some this caused malicious, fear and disturbing agitations.

For personal research, I advise you to look up the Black Panther called Fred Hampton -

Against all odds, his determination was comparable to the biblical servant of God called Samson.

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