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The Self-Improvement Quest.

We are imperfect humans; we all make mistakes and have out faults-

But some are in oblivion to what helps them to feel distraught.

In self analysis who are you? What do you perceive yourself to be?

Have you ever really studied, all! Your attributes and manor seriously?

Individuals may not recognize their subconscious destruction from day to day,

So take heed of the unpleasant evaluations that those who love you have to say.

It might be hard, but acknowledging your short falls is only part of the task,

Immediate action is required! A fact that is imperative to grasp.

Because, without action your situation will deteriorate or remain the same,

And if someone asks you to explain!

You will find a bag of excuses and a long list of others to blame-

And you! You will continue to stay in self pity and unnecessary pain.

Instead, why not begin your diversion, taking one step at a time,

You will need to focus on your intention and keep it in mind.

Concentrate on one issue and temporarily set aside the rest-

When you have succeeded, tackle your next goal on yourself improvement quest.

In the meantime this is my recommendation to avoid feeling blue,

Persevere positive proactive thinking and patience too.

During your journey sometimes you may well feel insulted or even used,

And admittedly the anger can become challenging to defuse.

But life is really all about our own perceptions,

Sadly sometimes we’re the victims of our own deceptions.

There is always more than one way to analyse a situation,

Try to avoid the one’s that causes you more provocation.

Keep away from those who want to create distress-

And feel confident, in the way you look feel and dress.

Consider the way you’d like people to treat you,

Then with others follow your own standards through.

These are my 'self improvement' rules,

I hope you can use them as an assisting tool.

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