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Twenty Years Experience.

Twenty years’ experience and look what it’s brought!

When this nightmare first began guess what I thought?

Well, weed doesn’t change the way people look-

And, I don’t buy it often so I know I’m not hooked.

Now serious drugs the pressure is too great with no let up or breaks-

But I only use weed when I’m chilling… or out with my mates.

I don’t let it affect my family or associates around,

I work hard, pay my bills and my head is sound.

I’d never use money to buy weed and not food,

Like I said, I only use it to relax my mood.

Let’s try twenty years down the line,

And how many times have I turned to crime?

How many times have I driven around?

To see if I can buy up a quarter in town?

These days I don’t buy it just too feel great-

But by the time I realized the trap, it was simply too late.

Now! My habit affects everyone I know-

And the negative impact on my family constantly show.

I assure you, smoking weed does nothing but suppress peoples life,

And for years, I held onto that denial real tight.

If I knew twenty years ago what I’ve since construed,


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