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Why Do You Stare?

Inspired by a disable client.

Do you know what it is like for people to stare?

If you knew the pain you cause I don’t think you would dare.

Sometimes the way I look can be such a nightmare for me-

If I could pay to change it without a doubt I’d pay the fee.

Alas! life is not that plain and simple

There is no concealing it, as you could a pimple.

Yet no matter how we complain the public remains the same

And to me, that is a painful added strain.

I wrote this poem hoping that society will stop and think,

I’m not a piece of rubbish to flush down the sink.

Your constant gawping is thoughtless and unkind-

At times I wonder if life would be better if I were blind.

Regardless people like me are born every day,

And there is nothing we can do to transform our way.

So I pray that one-day technology might help me to change-

Because this system is so unkind to those who look strange.

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