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When You Skin Colour Black.

Hello! Look here you tink it nice when you skin colour black?

Well dis a go show you how we tad bad and slack.

Alright, weekend come an we decide fe pass true de dance,

De hole a we a sport, magnum screw face and breada Lance.

When we reach, de door man give we a look weh seh, me nah play,

An, when dem see de gold, dem start gwaan so whey.

You know how dem can gallon, a we a run tings who is you!

Or dem start chat mongst dem one ananda meanwhile dem a screw.

We go ina de room an tan up weh whole heap a people all bout,

Lickle afta, it come in like smoomdy sey ’anybody deyah fe come out.’

Next ting you a go fine out is who an who wan fe tess,

Why dem idiat come a dance an give de people dem so much stress.

An if it happen dat you haffie pass de fool, de flex a go get worse,

Car, nobody a go wan fe give pass first.

Him feel seh me fe move an me feel seh a him fe move,

Dem feel sey dem bad, but dem no bad! dem just a get me mad.

All me want fe do is fine a woman weh a go give me a good wine,

But down to de black woman dem give man a warm time.

De bress outa road an dem skirt just as barely cova dem ass,

Bout dem a mec complant sey me han too fass.

Bwoy, some a dem can cuss, only God know how de man no drop,

Me hear some bad wud wea mek me ears feel like dem a go pop.

But man, me no have no shame, dem can’t turn me aff,

True me love how dem skin look nice, dark an saff.

Me haffe well careful doe, car me gyal come in like detective an she have nuff frien,

You know how much time me get beat up? An me luck nah ben

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